Áreas de Trabajo

Lesiones Serias, Accidentes de Vehículo,  Accidentes de Trabajo e Inmigración.


Ms. Ambrosio is an associate attorney at the Barber Harris Law Center. I have graduated from the Law School of Vanderbilt University with a Master of Laws (LL.M.) and the School of Law of the University of Bucharest in their native Romania with a JD degree. Ms. Ambrosio has a degree in TN. She handles immigration, personal injury and vehicle accidents . In the area of ​​immigration, Ms. Ambrosio focuses on family petitions and humanitarian cases, such as U visas, pardons, deferred actions, TPS, special status for immigrant youth and asylums based on gender.

She is a volunteer with the Legal Aid Society and the Faith and Justice Alliance as an immigration attorney in her clinics. Ms. Ambrosio speaks fluent Spanish and Romanian. She learned basic Spanish with her husband who is an immigrant from Mexico, and continues with her Spanish classes at Penn State University, and is also a volunteer for the Hispanic Christian church of El Shaddai in various ministries.

Ms. Ambrosio is also a volunteer for The Branch, a nonprofit organization located in the Nashville community area, where she is the coordinator of the Hispanic Ministry. Weekly, I’ve had the opportunity to talk about immigration options and practice social justice, helping immigrant families of different cultures and ethnicities.

Nathan Harris



Nuestro corazón es hispano.  Nosotros estamos para hablar contigo directamente. Nuestro equipo tiene la experiencia suficiente para ayudarte. Tenemos convenios, por ejemplo, con el Consulado Mexicano en Atlanta, para brindar una ayuda integral.

Sabemos cómo puedes estar sintiéndote ahora por tu situación.

Cuéntanos de tu caso, y nos comunicaremos inmediatamente contigo, para analizar cómo ayudarte.